Sabtu, 28 Mac 2009

Shall we

Inilah hasil daripada kelas programming aku pagi tadi. Bosan kot

Shall I pass this season without moaning and sober?
Shall I pass this cold night without silent tears?
Shall I learn to smile and laugh along?
And shall I gasp the glory and exhale the misery?

Shall you take the pain that tormented me to cry?
Shall you take me as who I am, leave my pass?
Shall you teach me a new step and start to move?
And shall you shine the dark, so I can chase the light?

Shall we move on and start a new chapter?
Shall we share our smile and share our life?
Shall we believe in love at the first sight?
And shall we gain our love and spend the rest of our lifetime together?

5 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata...

i think u should move on and leave ur misery alone.

look at d bright side;
u can start something new. something fresh...

living in d past will never lead u to anywhere!

Eerie Liuvyx berkata...

j maiden

fezaL Mohd berkata...

bape banyak shall lah. ;)

BudaK_BlurR berkata...

em..yer laa..
shall ler..
ngan Aiman lee..
aper lagi..x yah nak shall2 dah..

Tanpa Nama berkata...