Khamis, 5 Februari 2009


Category: Writing and Poetry

Sleeping trough the endlessly night,

dreaming deceiving what have u done to me,

never get up until i reach the bottom,

i'm not afraid to dream and sleep forever,

drowning in the earth of darkness,

but god, i don't want to let it go..

frozen inside without ur touch, without ur love,

empty mind keep my soul in the darkness,

telling myself that u will never be replace,

every moment i can feel u step into me..

grounded by nature,

their never let me go from this feels,

i try so hard to tell myself that u're gone,

but i can feel u all round me,

u are the life until the death..

don't wake me up..

as i lay inside with bliss,

no light to lead the way,

it's true i'm just a little insane..

erase the silence! a world of nothing left.

blow me away..

freefall, painfull..all trough the death,

like my sceaming had gone unheard,

safe with the moron,

here in the darkness i can know myself,

darling..i forgive u this time..

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